Adding colours with Black & White

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We all love our Parent’s black and white wedding images. Don’t we ?

There’s something stunningly attractive about them.

But the truth remains that Indian weddings is all about colours. Right from the red, orange, pink Lehngas to the extravagant decor and even the lavishly laid food – everything is just so colourful. However, in the past, Black & White was perhaps the only option. It was only after the invention of Kodachrome in 1936 that added colours to pictures.

The Black & White images, thankfully did not disappear. In fact it flourished with time. While a lot of wedding images are colourful and bright, Black & White is definitely a refreshing change. It would not be wrong to call It a piece of ART. Colours depict reality but Black & White is an interpretation of reality.

There’s something that only a black and white picture can do. Colours are distraction. Black and white demands a lot more than a usual image. The composition, lighting and the thought behind the picture is what really matters.

Here’s Happily sharing some of our Black & Whites. We hope you like them just as much 🙂

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Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography

Indian wedding photography

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  1. Neena Sawhney says:

    Beautifully expression..

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