behind the scenes

Tushi & Vaibhav

Tushi: Dear Noopur and Anish,

I've been meaning to write a testimony for Happy Flashbacks since long, so finally, here it is!
People say weddings are made in heaven and I truly believe so too. But the truth is - irrespective of how well planned one is, whilst the wedding functions are ongoing, the bride and groom along with their families are so busy attending to other chores that they really don't end up noticing even the decor! This is precisely why you guys are God sent!
I, along with Vaibhav, knew nothing that was going on throughout the wedding since we were so busy taking blessings from all and more than that just enjoying being "US for life." So, a few days post the wedding, when people kept raving about the performances, decor, food and the likes, it suddenly dawned upon us that; dude - we saw and noticed nothing! But, with Happy Flashbacks team by our side, we had nothing to worry. Every moment, emotion, action, smile, tear, - you guys captured it all and ohh! so beautifully.
The Pre-wedding shoot, wedding function shoots along with the teaser bytes, videos and what not! You guys truly made us feel like celebs and treated us like them too!
Both, Me and Vaibhav Sehgal, cannot thank You and your entire team for the phenomenal and spectacular moments you've captured for us. Watching them today also brings a smile on our faces as it did the first time we saw it. They are the most precious and memorable gift from you and we cherish them immensely.
Lastly, thank you for being such nice people for we truly have found great friends in you, both. With talent and creative minds like yours, I am affirmative "Sky is the limit"
Wishing you guys sky rocketing success and many more opportunities to help capture the most prized moments for couples.
Lots of Love

Vaibhav: Dear Noopur and Anish,
I have taken long to write this for you guys may be because i had to go through my happy flashbacks and think where to start from.
I don't think anyone apart from you guys can do justice in creating memories the way you did. Every time I think of my wedding, I inevitably think of the amazing photo shoots and the video bytes which were awesome fun (you brought the actor in me!!). My wedding would not have been half as much fun had it not been for you guys. Me and Tushi remember our wedding because of you both and your whole team who stood with us for everything.
You all are one of the most creative team i have ever met. The ideas and the concepts are superbly innovative and i'm sure the way yours' brain function, you will keep innovating beautifully.
Me and Tushi feel like getting married again just so that you guys can create some more amazing memories!!
Both of us have found amazing friends in you and I'm sure this friendship is for a lifetime.
I don't need to say much because your work speaks for itself. The only thing i want to say is that KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK AND GOOD LUCK..!

Vani Sehgal (Vaibhav's Sister): I was so excited for my brother Vaibhav Sehgal wedding. We wanted it to be the best and memorable and you guys did your job more than what we expected. From your creative photo shoots to that cute video that truly captured their love and those candid shots.
Work done by you just made this wedding experience all the more better and special for them as well as fr our families. We loved your work and the effort put in by you guys. All the best and I hope you people get many more chances to make many other people happy by your excellent work :)
Thanks a lot Noopur & Anish:)

Samyukta & Pratik

Samyukta: Dear Happy Flashbacks team! Words cannot justify the professionalism with which you all work :) Whatever was promised, has been delivered to the d..thanks for an amazing and cherish-able wedding gift. The pictures look fabulous and why not, You all worked harder than us to create & capture our special moments. Pratik and Me have been fortunate to have had you all cover our big day. And now we are really excited about our wedding video! Keep up the mind blowing work of making wedding photography conceptual & as surreal..Love it! :*

Pratik :* Happy Flashbacks team. Thank you so much for covering our special day. You guys were were so much fun to work with (I used to look forward to your shoots ;), and your hard work is evident in the quality of your photos. You have a very talented team, and Samyukta and I feel blessed to have you as our wedding photographers.

Neena Sawhney ( Samyukta's Mother): Dear Noopur and Anish. We are indeed thankful to you for excellent support. There are no words to describe the professional expertise exhibited by your team. both of you were truly into the event. Professional dedication shown was par excellent. pics are marvelous. we love you all.
Good luck.

Yukthi - These people give u more than u will ever imagine, something more important than just memories, they give you their friendship almost to the point that u start considering them your family. In return they will go no end to make your wedding/pre wedding/post wedding pictures so special that one will yearn getting married again. They make u feel special like celebrities. You can have them only if u deserve them. The efforts these people take for u has no limit.
Anish & Noopur are two insanely creative people with equally crazy personalities. The interactions with them are at such personal level that you yourself become as involved as they are in the process of making the wedding pictures not just photographs but memories. Their endeavor and perseverance shows in those memories with a 'behind the scene' story or take to tell your kids when they see those pics.

Niyati Gupta: Noopur and Anish- to the dynamic power couple and the best on the wedding photography scene there is! I saw our wedding film a few days ago and it took me back to that time when we almost didn't go with you guys - Would have been the biggest wedding blunder ever! You guys didn't just do brilliant work for our wedding but you were there with us like family. And to see that level of enthusiasm, passion, love and genuine care is extremely extremely rare. Not to forget the cheekiness! When I see myself blabbering away on the video (btw both sides of the "traditional" family think this bride talks too much 🙈) I remember how Noopur kept coaxing me into talking - "Ni you won't believe how well and the awesome things Kaustubh has spoken, you have to match him"! And later I find that all the talking was done just by ME!). So a BIG BIG thank you to you guys and your wonderful team for being with us during our special week! We couldn't have asked for anyone better! For anyone considering wedding photoghraphers,don't think or look around just leave yourselves in the hands of these guys, trust me you won't regret it. All the very best Noopur and Anish and @happy_flashbacks, you guys are going to be great! Lots of love and best wishes from us all.. 😘🤗.