From Bench Partners to Life Partners !!

Pre Wedding Concept photography

Where love is concerned, too much is not enough. Right?

Love runs our world and we at Happy Flashbacks, ‘wholly and soully’ believe in its wonders.
Especially on this day of February.

Yes guys, Its Valentine’s Day, needless to say that love is in the air!

There is love, hearts, flowers, chocolates, red balloons, confetti and jitters all around.

So exciting! But hey, if you are single on Valentine’s Day and think it’s over rated, we are about to entirely change your opinion.

Presenting a heartwarming story of two high school sweethearts for whom Valentine’s Day was a game changer.

Watch their pre wedding film to believe that love is enough.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Happy Flashbacks.


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  1. vaishali rawat says:

    Such an adorable story. Beautiful narration

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