Love Happens – Award Nomination

Bhavna & Karambir’s wedding film got us nominated in the Wedding Sutra’s Film Maker of the year award amongst the best Film Makers in the country. Their story touched our hearts; they are so beautifully in love that it compelled us to capture the true essence of their romance.

A major part of the film is a flashback into Karambir’s wedding proposal to Bhavna at a restaurant over a dinner date. He asked Bhavna a series of questions with the condition that she can only answer in a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’; from that moment to their wedding, their story unfolds gracefully.

They don’t need to talk to communicate, they would be standing at two different corners of the room and still surprisingly understand each other and that’s what got our attention. We were completely amazed to see how they both narrated their proposal story. The words spoken by them in separate video bytes were almost as if spoken by one person. We were just awestruck to see the chemistry between them. In this age of digital communication it is amazing to see two people connecting so deeply. They were bound to find each other in this life.


We consider ourselves lucky to be able to capture this lovely couple’s beautiful story in our cameras. The reactions we got from them and the family members was heartwarming, here’s a glimpse.




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