#Mere Saamne Wali Khidki Mein

Pre Wedding Concept photography

Tanvi & Arvind

When we first met Tanvi & Arvind, we thought the two were very reserved and will take time to open up. And we were right!
It was perhaps after a couple of coffee meetings with them that the two really opened up about themselves and each other.
Their story is unique. Tanvi and Arvind have been living opposite each others houses for almost 12 years now. But the two never met, never saw each other for all these years.

But thanks to both their mommies who became friends at a common kitty and decided to take their friendship to the next level.
Tanvi & Arvind were made to meet each other in a formal family set up, but as destined, the most important decision of their lives was taken in just few seconds. 🙂

The two recently tied the knot in New Delhi

Here’s a sneek peak to their Prewedding film


The little things that Tanvi & Arvind do for each other, brings them a sense of contentment and joy. And that’s the key to their beautiful relationship. Hence the idea of them having ‘Gol-Gappas’ sitting on a tree trunk or playing video game or relishing doughnuts was to depict their bonding and that its  the simple things in life that really brings them happiness.

As you both walk together hand in hand…have an awesome jouney 🙂

It was indeed fun shooting their prewedding. Here’s Behind the scenes!!

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