One Love. One Heart. One Destiny

Indian wedding photography

1. Bhavna and karambir – We are certain. Even a rationalist would start believing in destiny after hearing out their story. Trust us; this story is an ideal instance of a fortunate stroke of serendipity! We feel lucky as Wedding Filmers to have documented this beautiful story.

2. Ravneet and Anirudh- Is it just me or is it actually unusual to find miss popular marrying Mr. Nerd and being irrevocably in love with the man. Super cool! Innit?
Makes me wonder about the fashionista from my school? You too? I know. Don’t you want to find out how this happened? ABSOLUTELY you do.

3. Smriti and Adarsh – What is fate? What is coincidence? Is everything connected? Mind boggling right? Well this couple has all of these things figured out already. Have answers to almost all the questions, as if they are in contact with a divine being serving as an intermediary with humanity. Gives me chills!
Have a look at this Wedding Film to believe that destiny makes it happen!

4. Tanvi and Arvind- Let’s see if you can guess this right! Name the movie casting the most beautiful Saira Banu and late Mr. Sunil Dutt singing the legendary song “mere samne wali khidki mei”? That’s right. Well here is Padosan 2! We are sure this Wedding Film would catch your interest as much as Padosan part one.

5. Shivani and Shubham - Did god literally made us in pairs? And probably left it on us to find each other? Damn! I sound like I just came out of one of the Yashraj film; it seems so unreal and amusing. Skeptics would definitely defy this theory!
But the question is, do we only have to believe what we see? What about what we feel!

6. Diksha and Vaibhav- You’ll be burger king and I’ll be Mcdonalds, you’ll have it your way and I’ll be lovin it. Para pum pum pa! You think we have lost it right? Well you will only get to understand what we are talking about when you hit the play button. Don’t forget to pay attention peeps!


  1. vaishali rawat says:

    These wedding films gave me goosebumps, so heartwarming!

  2. Muskan gupta says:

    This is just so beautiful..!

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