She was a Knight in Shinning Armour!

Have you ever seen a bride on a horse, surrounded by what seems to be a very exuberant baraat? We’re guessing not. But our couple – Suhali and Harsh, like to do things differently!

Only in India can you see a perfect blend of modernity with ancient customs. As weddings evolve, so do the rituals and customs surrounding them. The Bandoli ceremony is one such custom that traditionally entailed of a bride’s procession from an elder’s house to a temple.

Yet, Harsh and Suhali decided to put their own spin on it and make it all about a celebration of their relationship and their personalities! The bride, seldom seen on a horse in an Indian wedding, is involved in a ceremony almost like a baraat with both her and the groom atop horses, and the families coming together in a night of revelry. Suhali’s bold and vivacious personality reflected in the mood surrounding the procession as they went around The Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur. The night rang with the sounds of laughter, music and dhols. Lots and lots of dhols!



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