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What comes to your mind when you imagine Switzerland? A bollywood sexy siren dancing in her red chiffon saree, the inviting wooden cottages and happy cows grazing in the lush green fields. From Sangam to Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Switzerland has always been those unforgettable Bollywood movie sequences we have grown up watching. But we did not want to leave anything to our imagination so we packed our bags and went on to explore the dreamy Switzerland.

Here’s our Swiss Vlog-


Our first destination was the beautiful city of Lucerne; needless to say it is stunning and deservedly popular. Located in central Switzerland, Lucerne is known for its Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke). It is a wooden bridge built in the 14th century that crosses the river angled diagonally. Besides its unique look, this bridge is also the oldest wood-covered bridge in Europe, with a gorgeous interior lined with a variety of paintings illustrating Swiss and local history.

The town has a lot to offer: a picturesque and compact town centre, museums, boat cruises, and a generous choice of hotels, shops and restaurants.

We couldn’t come to Lucerne and be so close to real Alps snow and leave without visiting it. Mount Titlis, the highest mountain in central Switzerland, is only about a 30 minute drive away from Lucerne. Titlis as it is more commonly referred to, has snow all year round. It just sounded all too amazing to let it pass us by.

WHAT’S UP THERE? Well first started the journey of two different cable cars- First a standard cable car and then the Rotair 360 takes you on the final journey, get on the window as the whole cabin rotates 360 degrees so you will definitely get a breath taking view.

There are restaurants/cafes/bars up there to take respite from the cold and knock back a warm drink. There are other great things that will add on to the adventure besides feeling amazed sitting inside a cable car. This included the cliff walk, sledding, Europe’s highest chain suspension bridge, a real glacier cave, and an ice flyer.

Day 2 was our small trip to Stans. The small and quaint town at 450 meters above sea level between lake Lucerne and the mountains is a yet another mesmerizing place. The journey to the top of the Stanserhorn starts in the village of Stans via Luzern-Stans-Engelberg Swiss rail line. A new cable car system allows you to enjoy the fresh air and great views, with the wind in your hair, the blue sky above you and a fantastic 360 degrees panorama. We went hiking and ate the authentic Swiss food; it was indeed an unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be mind blown by nature, where you’ll fill up your memory card with photos and a place that you’ll dream about for years to come, then this is it. Add Lucerne to your bucket lists, because it is oh, so worth it!

From Lucerne we continued our journey to Interlaken via Luzern-Interlaken Express which was super easy since we had our Swiss Travel Pass. The Lucerne – Interlaken Express isn’t just a connection between two distinctive cities. On the roughly two hour train trip you can experience a compact tour of all Switzerland has to offer: Magical forests, deep blue lakes, rolling country side and impressive alpine panoramas, all from the train window.

While it’s not one of Switzerland’s busiest areas, this place is full of adventure. Interlaken is a great place for mountain-related sports. The beautiful scenery and number of pubs make this a popular backpacker destination during the summertime. It is nestled perfectly between crystal blue lakes, gorgeous mountain peaks, and charming towns nearby. One of the best ways to see the town is a walking tour. If you are an adventurer at heart then it is literally around every corner if you want it, you can go for hiking, paragliding, white water rafting and much much more.

Jump high cause you are in Interlaken!

Since we were in Interlaken we’d decided to make our way over to Jungfraujoch. The 2 hour journey from Interlaken to Jungfrau via train is breathtaking in every sense. It has a few stops as well for you to jump out of the train and explore a bit.

Jungfrau was always on our bucket list. Why? Well for starters, it’s the highest train station in Europe 3,454 meters, if you want to see the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps, then Jungfrau is the best base. Second of all, the views on the way to Jungfraujoch and from the top are spectacular. And last but not least, you get to walk inside a glacier and visit an ice palace. It’s also home to some pretty epic views. Sold?

Not just that, there are various fun activities as well at the Top of Europe for everyone, like Snow tubing, sledging, snowboarding and skiing in the Snow Fun Park, getting a panoramic view from the Sphinx observatory and the all time favorite snowball fight.

There are some amusing indoor activities too. You can visit the ice palace or the Alpine Sensation and if you are a chocolate lover then you would love the Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, it is truly heavenly.

After exploring everything Jungfraujoch had to offer, we descended back to Interlaken. All in all, the trip to Jungfraujoch was totally worth it! We were lucky with our timing, the view was breathtaking plus it’s not every day that you are at the top of a mountain, almost being blown off.

The cruise journey in Lucerne and Interlaken was another highlight of our Swiss Vacation.

The next day we decided to keep it low key-no touring- just relaxation. We traveled to a little Swiss village called Leukerbad, which is famous for its Thermal Baths. There are over 30 pools, with warm water of varying temperatures. Leukerbad is home to the largest alpine thermal water resort in Europe.

It was a beautiful 4 hours experience; we dipped in the hot thermal water, went for couple of fun water rides which took us back to our childhood days and filled our bellies with cheese dripping pizzas and chilled beer. We would definitely suggest checking out these alpine thermal baths if you are near any, it is an experience unlike any other! The day was extremely relaxing, we slept soundly that night and prepared ourselves for our journey to Zurich the next day.

We were in Zurich for just one day; we went to visit the popular Rhine Falls to enjoy the breezy wind, water splash and fall sound of the waterfall. It can best be described as Europe’s biggest waterfall, also known as Niagara Falls of Europe – there’s no exaggeration needed!

Here’s what added to our happiness. Great Food!

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