That call from Delhi

pre wedding shoot

When the Indore girl -Smriti said ‘Yes I do’ to the Delhi boy- Adarsh

‘I will never marry a Delhiiet…I don’t like Delhi…’ little did Smriti knew that she will end up tying the knot with a Dilli ka Dilwala – Adarsh.

The two met through their respective families in a typical arranged set up. Needless to say, the story started flaming through their never-ending phone conversations. And they soon discovered ‘a friend’ in each other.

Hence the usage of telephones as props for their prewedding photography was something we always had in mind. But not just the prop, this time we co-ordinated the outfit colour and keeping Adarsh’s funny side in mind, we created dialogue boxes too.

Smriti found a friend for life who could make her laugh and how! If Adarsh is total filmy, Smriti is a ‘Straight on the face’ kind of girl.

It was a fantastic experience shooting these two, not just for their Prewedding, but also their Big Day 🙂

Our first meeting with Adarsh lasted for nothing less than four hours and it was then that we developed a great liking for him. For the way he is- Honest, Funny and of course super Filmy.

Hence using Pop Corns as our second prop is quiet self-explanatory for a movie- buff that he is.

The love and friendship that these two share with each other is adorable and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Like we always say- It’s the process that is more important. We found great friends in these two and it overwhelmed us to see what Adarsh and Smriti wrote for us after they saw their Prewedding film.

Words from Adarsh & Smriti:

“Dear Noopur, Anish & the entire Happy Flashbacks team

This is strictly not a testimonial. This is a thanks’ message for both of you and the entire team.

Me & Smriti are writing this with a big smile on our faces, in awe of the video that you made for us.

After seeing numerous pre wedding shoots of different photographers on internet and after busting my brains meeting so many of them, I finally met YOU. My first meeting with both of you lasted for around 4 hours and i knew that you guys understand what i want.

Anish & Noopur, you guys are not only extremely professional but awesomesauce human beings. The fact that every video you create revolves around personality of the couple, speaks loads about the quality of your work. If someone needs more proof, show them ‘Smarsh’s’ pre wedding shoot😄

Forget the pre wedding shoot yaar, the very experience of shooting it on that day amidst so much chaos, confusion and last minute changes that we made is beyond forgetting.

Last minute date change, venue change, clothes’ change, looking back at all that fun we had makes us yearn for a time machine!!

I & Smriti never felt for a moment as if we are shooting with some wedding shooter company, it was like having a day out with friends; friends with extraordinary photo sense😂

The pre wedding shoot that you made for us, made so many people cry at my sangeet! Who does that yaar😂 Galat baat! Kaam ki quality kam kardo please🙏🏻

In case, anyone else apart from your team reads this, we have a message for them too:

Guys if you are single, marry soon. Getting married just for a pre wedding shoot by Noopur&Anish, would be totally worth it.

Love you till the elephants turn slim,

Cant wait for the wedding film now.

Adarsh & Smriti


P.S. Use hashtag #Smarsh to get 10% discount from Happy Flashbacks😂😂

Thank You Adarsh & Smriti for believing in us and thank you for such kind and heart-felt words. Feels like we just got and Oscar!!


Noopur & Anish

Happy Flashbacks


  1. Monica says:

    Cute love story..the pictures beautifully captures the true essence.. Great photoshoot.. Good luck to Adarsh n Smiriti..

    Keep up the good work..HappyFlashbacks…

  2. Sunil Goswami says:

    Great energy, Great Spark ,Great work, Great team. All the very best.

  3. Sunil Goswami says:


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