The ‘Getting Ready’ Moment by Happy Flashbacks

Indian wedding photography

That eager, heart-pumping, on-tenterhooks anticipation… the bustle and hubbub of last minute preparations, that buzz and commotion of ‘getting ready’ for the big moment – shouldn’t that magic get its share of the limelight too?

The disarray and unruly mess of the moment is for real, and so are the emotions. Look back, and it’s just that disorder that makes those moments so special.

Worth capturing for good. Worth never letting-go of.

The dress, the jewelry, shoes, bridesmaids, groomsmen and of course the un-cut emotions.

Here are just some of our favorites.

1. The Bride’s Makeup & Hair

The makeup artiste — How perfectly, how intricately she shapes and fashions.

The measured flow of the blusher, the flick of the mascara, through to shaping each strand of the tresses I have pampered all these weeks. Till she knows she’s got it just right. And I do too.

As much as it is about looking perfect for the occasion, it’s the heart-beat of emotion that courses through me, the vibrant expectation and excited anticipation of my new life to come.

Catch it all on camera for me to treasure forever.

2. I remember that last, quick bite before getting into my resplendent bridal dress, the girl before the queen to be.

And all the chaos and anarchy comes rushing back to me. Yet they’re moments I wouldn’t exchange for all the world.

3. My bridal dress and jewelry, the invite for my wedding – all emotional riches for life. Frozen for eternity. With a focus on their emotional worth and heartfelt significance.

It’s about creating memories of a lifetime. Complete with the aura and feeling that surrounded them when their reality breathed and lived. Ensuring the emotions they evoked then linger forever.

4. Let’s play ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’. But let this one stay with me, always. A fun moment with my mother, my first friend. Or my sister, my confidante, with whom I shared life’s every breath.

Go on, let go! Unleash that bubbly,effervescent, sparkly little girl in you. ‘Cause it’s a very special cusp. Shifting gears from one life to another. 🙂

5. Is any life thrill even possible without this bunch by me? My friends, my partners in crime, with whom I’ve shared the craziest moments. Their jokes and comic absurdities, that fun element, is so much at the centre of it all. Catch and preserve it just right!!

Friends add a special color in our lives… then why not in my wedding album too.

And beyond friends I mean anyone who has shared life’s special moments with me. My sister and brother, my parents, my aunts and uncles. They’ve all made me, me.

And out of all this… stop at those split second memory fullers that raise Goosebumps.

The ‘first reaction’ picture

The spontaneous, heart-felt reaction of a mother – between delight and nervousness. For herself, yet for me. That fraction of a second says it all. Priceless!!

And that last minute-adjustments picture with my best friend.

The happy twirl, ready for the biggest event of my life. 🙂

With a smile that says it all.

And don’t forget the groom’s boudoir, moments he’ll cherish forever too.

Everything in the buildup to that final portrait.

Building up to the crescendo… that final, complete look. This is it. Preserve it forever.

The Maharani Bride. A picture that should definitely go into your wedding album. The complete look of the wedding day.

So which is your favorite freeze frame of the Getting Ready Moment?

– Noopur , Happy Flashbacks 🙂


  1. Sumit Singh says:

    Amazing creativity where something new and valuable is formed.

    It’s just the thing our eye would normally never see this, Perhaps sees everything but can’t record a few seconds at a time to play back later😍😍☺

  2. Smita mahindra says:

    Wooooooow……. amazing work as always…. congratulations on ur first blog…. n all the best for future… keep creating these beautiful loving memories which will b cherished lifetime💞💞💞god bless

  3. Shivani says:

    Wow, all the moments woven so beautifully into words😄😄very thoughtfully written👍👍well done Noopur👏👏

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