What Makes a Pre-Wedding Different?

Both Sanchit and Aashika admit to being a little nervous before the shoot. However, they were well prepared by the time the day came, as we had spent some time coaching them on what to expect and helping them with their outfits. The Pre-Wedding shoot took place amidst hills, caves and historic properties! It truly speaks the tale of their beautiful chemistry and comfort.They posed like absolute pros giving us some actual Bollywood feels.

The shoot took place in multiple backdrops, beginning with a cave with crystal waters made for a romantic setting, perfect for the couple to let their guards down and open up for the camera. We chose white for them to bring out the couple visually amidst the nature.


Understanding their personality and sense of style we fashioned Aashika in a Saree and a neat bun while Sanchit wore a two-piece suit and obviously we kept them twinning in blush pink color. This shoot took place in the hills, which made a perfect setting fitting their look.

Their third look was shot at The Savoy, Mussorie, it’s a lovely British architecture heritage property thus we chose to keep it classic and simple, Sanchit was styled in navy blue semi formals and Aashika wore a beautiful flowy gown nonetheless wearing a flowy gown on their pre-wedding is every woman’s dream. Not being a fan of typical stiff poses, we had put them in situations where they could naturally interact and be themselves.

Last but not the least; the final look was quite interesting for us, as we wanted to recreate their first date in this shoot. Since it all started by a drunk call from Sanchit, we made Aashika wear a cocktail printed jumpsuit and Sanchit was styled casually, the color of his shorts and tie were picked from Aashika’s jumpsuit.

A lot of homework and efforts goes behind making your Pre-wedding absolutely personalized so as to bring out the true essence of your wonderful story and if you want your Pre-wedding to stand out, you know whom to reach!

Watch the video to believe in what we say 🙂

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